How it works

Inside buyers are the first to get access to any properties acquired from our acquisition team. They are committed to acquiring 20 + properties annually while our core buyers doesn't have any minimums. Core buyers are only accessible to properties after our inside buyers first right of refusal. Our core buyers have the same first right refusal before our marketplace buyers but are not committed to an annual minimum purchase. Lastly our marketplace buyers are accessible to properties following our inside buyers refusal but only 24 hours to contract.


Buyer's Highlight

We connect dots with real estate professionals to do multiple deals with other real estate professionals.

Relotz Core Connection was designed for real estate buyers to connect with real estate professionals. With our financing and resources we manage the acquisition, planning and construction. We also provide core buyers with an end to end 360 solution and a hands free approach to real estate investing.

Buyer's Group Criteria

We require buyers to meet the following criteria. No experience is needed for wholesale buyers. Cash buyers are not required to meet the minimum credit score.