We are a group of talented entrepreneurs that develop new construction projects for real estate investors.

We take the guesswork out of new construction and make real estate investing a no brainer for investors. We focus on providing a service that streamlines new construction projects from concept to completion. We work with engineers, architects and builders including planning and zoning departments, to understand the requirements for community development. We follow strict guidelines to develop new homes for future home buyers.




Real estate investors can expand their portfolio by including new construction projects into their investments.

Your liquidity is needed but your experience isn't. Our services enable you to gain returns on investments without being a builder, contractor, or an experienced real estate investor. You can truly benefit without the knowledge of land acquisition, development, or construction. We provide a service that makes real estate investing simple.



We work with lenders to facilitate land and lot acquisitions for new construction residential projects..

We focus tirelessly on managing and creating new relationships with lenders. Our lenders create harmony throughout construction and complement our business model to completion. We support innovative lending products and continuously research new products to include in our lending portfolio.


Improving your land to sell equals more profits at closing for all parties.

We assist landowners in developing their properties to remarket to home buyers seeking new construction. We offer buy now and first position pricing with quick due diligence and fast closings.



We partner with licensed general contractors who have a reputation for building quality homes.

Relotz 360 enables builders to build worry-free with no financial commitments or obligations. We do require builders to guarantee their work. We work with builders diligently so they can focus on building rather than finding or financing their next project.


Our relationship with real estate agents is extremely important to us.

We negotiate land purchase contracts with realtors to develop new construction projects. We work closely with realtors to sell these projects to future home buyers after construction is completed. We also protect realtors who sell Relotz 360 projects as the seller listing agent. We offer everything a realtor needs to earn more commission.



Having a partner can be crucial to your success, but having the right partner can provide many benefits to the project lifecycle.

We understand partnerships, land development, and the process to complete a project. When starting a new project the goal is completion. We partner with real estate professionals to develop new projects and provide an end-to-end solution to real estate investors. We have a strong interest in working with anyone who has a genuine interest in real estate.


You are not required to be a licensed real estate agent to become a Relotz referral agent. You can earn commission by referring landowners or real estate agents who have land listed for sale. We pay commissions for land purchased or acquired through your referrals on or before the closing.


Our investment into real estate is unique, innovative, and persistent. We wholly utilize our capital for research and development. Our expenditures extend into soil testing, site planning, and designing. Our lenders assist in the acquisition, development, and construction cost. We work with realtors and brokers to find land opportunities for investors to build on. We protect realtors as the listing agent through the purchase and acquisition of the land and also after the newly constructed property is relisted for sale. Our approach is profitable, unmatched, and unparalleled in the industry We bring real estate professionals together to facilitate multiple opportunities.