Management - Facilitating the Process, So You Don't Have To

Managing the acquisition and then the sale of a property is complex. Here at Relotz, we run through everything from start to finish for you so you don’t have to lift a finger.

We manage everything from the initial onsite inspection to listing the property for sale when it is ready to be flipped. Naturally, you can check on the progress at any time, but rest assured, we’ve got everything under control.

Onsite Inspections

As real estate professionals, you know that the onsite inspection is critical to property acquisition and then eventually, the sale.

By having the property inspected, you know what you’re up against with the selected real estate. Inspections will let you know if the property is going to be a worthwhile investment or end up being a money pit.

With several different approaches to property inspection that may include video as well as photographic documentation of what it looks like both before and after it is acquired. By having this information readily available, it gives us all a reference point once we reach the end goal.

Creating Expense Reports

When real estate is concerned, there are plenty of expenses to keep track of while managing the property. Naturally, you want to make sure you know money in versus money out to ensure a healthy cash flow.

Some of the expenses we keep track of are typical of running a real estate business. Things like insurance, various necessary fees, and advertising are going to be on the ledger. We keep everything as transparent as possible so you can see where every penny is going.

Project and Labor Management

Those pennies add up during project and labor management. If you happen to be new to property flipping, knowing how to determine fair labor costs is difficult. Making sure it stays fair can also be a nightmare.

Our experience takes out all of the guesswork because we know what is fair and expect nothing less. We check references to verify that you will see nothing but top-quality results. Managing the project is crucial to success, so we always do everything in our power to give you our best

Staging and Listing

Once the labor has been completed, and we verify that everything has been met or exceeded our high standards, we stage the property to make it ready for flipping.

We won’t list the property until we’re sure that every “I” has been dotted and every “T” has been crossed. Once we are all on the same page, the property is listed. At that point, with your approval, we manage the sale until we reach the finish line.

Our bottom line

Our bottom line is that we want to make sure that we get everything done right for you the first time so you can get through the process with flying colors. We do our best to be quick while still providing excellent management for your project.