The Story Behind Relotz and Our Vision to Make it Happen

Relotz didnt happen overnight, but with some time, we created an opportunity for real estate professionals because we saw a need that needed filling.

The best part is that we designed it to fit your needs no matter where you are or what your resources may be. Property flipping can be a part of your future, too!

Our Story

It all begins with an idea we had in June 2018. We thought it would be an excellent idea if we could create opportunities by using our real estate experience and knowledge that would be lucrative for everyone.

At that point, Relotz was born, but before we brought it to you, we had to test our ideas to make sure they would work for anyone who wanted to get involved. We put our techniques through the wringer with a variety of assets, and now, nearly two years later, we’re ready to launch.

In that time, we refined our processes to develop an innovative approach to real estate flipping. With our novel methodology, you can now take advantage of a hands-free, Fix-n-Flip business model that has proven to be profitable time and time again.

We saw a need to have a centralized hub for real estate professionals offered a streamlined process, and so Relotz became a reality.

Our Vision

Our services were designed with real estate professionals in mind. We know what it means to work with investors along with every other pro in the business.

You know that there are several moving parts in a real estate deal. With our approach, we connect them all into a single transaction for your benefit.

Imagine – guesswork has been removed, hassles of obtaining financial records are no more, other obstacles are non-existent, and you’re still reaping the rewards. With our help, you’ll be able to flip real estate more efficiently without the added headaches that would typically be involved.

Our Mission

Relotz seeks to provide a solution for real estate investors that don’t have resources, experience, or time to flip real estate. We strive to create sustainable revenue streams for real estate professionals with our tested and tried process so that you can take back your life.