Planning - We Plan So You Don't Have To

Rehabbing a property involves the purchase, renovating, and then selling at a profit. When you think about the work involved in rehabbing a property, it can get overwhelming with a quickness.

That’s where Relotz comes in to save the day and your sanity. We handle the heavy lifting to get the property rehabbed in record time.

Scope of Work

If you’ve ever looked at the scope of work to rehab a property, you know that the lengthy process can be quite extensive.

For our team to develop your scope of work, we’ll do a walkthrough of the property to get an idea of what needs to be done. As an example, we’ll look at needed repairs and any improvements that might need to be made.

Cost to Rehab and Materials

To come up with the cost to rehab a property, we document every single repair and renovation that needs to be done. The scope includes everything from fixtures to furniture. In keeping costs down, we also consider materials that may be reusable to not have to always buy new.

Keeping in mind that unanticipated issues will come up, we’ll also suggest a buffer in the budget, so we don’t go over the agreed-upon boundaries. The final scope of work will be based on the estimate per project. At that point, we hire the necessary contractors that bid on the project to rehab the property.

Project Timeline

In working with the contractors, we’ll focus on several different stages throughout the process. In the beginning, we start with clean up and demolition. Cleanup includes removal of trashed items, dead foliage outside, damaged decks, and anything else related to cleaning up the property.

Before contractors can work on anything else, we must fix any foundation or framing issues. Once that is completed, plumbing, HVAC, and electricity all must be inspected. There are several more stages to consider for the timeline, but we take care of all of it, so you don’t have to worry.

Permitting and Zoning Review

We make sure that all necessary zoning and building permits are acquired and adhered to throughout the entire process. You don’t have to research what is and isn’t allowed or acceptable because we do it all for you.

Here at Relotz

Here at Relotz, we want to make sure the construction take-off is going to be thorough, so you’re kept in the loop the entire time. You can check everything we’re doing any time you want – all you do is click on the status in your account.