We Want to Work with the Best Real Estate Agents in Atlanta

Our team at Relotz has a revolutionary approach that has been tested and proven to help others achieve their financial goals.

To continue to expand on what we see as our and potentially your future, we want to work with the best real estate agents in Atlanta to get there.

What We Do

We find houses that are relatively easy to flip for a profit. With our hands-off methods, realtors in Atlanta and elsewhere can be as involved as they want to be on behalf of themselves or their clients.

The team keeps track of the entire process from start to finish from acquiring the property to the final closing when it’s ready to be sold again.
Our approach includes making sure any necessary repairs or renovations take place on time, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Why We Do It

Steady pay is not typically part of what you expect in real estate jobs in Atlanta or anywhere else for that matter. Housing market trends ebb and flow, and with that, so does your paycheck.

We want to bring realtors in Atlanta and across the country the opportunity to create a genuinely sustainable revenue stream.

In real estate, often, it’s either feast or famine, and we don’t know about you, but we’re all about a hearty feast as much as possible!

What You Can Expect

Should you decide to work alongside Relotz, you can be as involved or as hands-off as you’d like. Whatever your preference is, it won’t affect the sustainable income that you’ll be receiving.

You’re still your boss, but now you’re using resources that may not have been available to you when considering flipping houses for yourself or a client.

Renovations and repairs are easy, and we bet those were never words you thought you would utter out loud. It’s true, though, because we’re going to take care of all of that for you.

Why Relotz is a Great Option

Working with Relotz doesn’t mean you’re giving up your day job as a realtor. You can still show properties and work to sell them for your clients.

None of those things change. The only change you’ll see is a continuing revenue that you can begin to rely on instead of having the up and down that you’re used to seeing.

Here at Relotz

Here at Relotz, we are realtors in Atlanta, and we know what it takes to thrive in this business. We’ve used our resources to refine the technique we now use to flip properties for clients and ourselves.