Where to Look for Real Estate Leads

If you’re a realtor, you’re likely familiar with the way the real estate pipeline can dry up if you’re not attentive.

Experienced realtors will tell you, just because you’ve got a ton of new clients now doesn’t mean you’re going to have plenty of clients later thanks to market fluctuation.
When the market dips, you’ve got to be prepared on where to find fresh leads to keep your business running smoothly.

Networking Works

Don’t underestimate networking within the real estate industry. Make sure you network with other businesses to create partnerships that work in everyone’s favor. The people you get to know will send potential clients your way.
Consider working with personal bankers, insurance companies, lenders, cleaning companies, staging companies, and title companies. They all have a foot in the real estate game and will encourage people to reach out to you.

Housewarming Parties

If you, as a realtor, offer to cater your new client’s housewarming party, it could be a ticket to more real estate leads. As local realtors make it a point to mingle with clients and the people they know, the more likely they will recommend you to others.
Features that will speak highly of you to your client’s neighbors include things like catering food, having an open bar, or sprucing up the house with eye-catching floral arrangements.

Become a Regular

Having a regular meeting place at a local restaurant or coffee house where you discuss business is an excellent idea when it comes to scheduling meetings. You’ll get to know the people that work there along with other people that are always there.
The personable side of real estate means you’re getting to know people. Georgia real estate, as well as real estate everywhere, always moves better when the realtor is also a friend.

Develop a Niche

Depending on where you’re located, you may be able to specialize in specific areas like historic districts or luxury homes. Become an expert in your chosen home types and styles.
When you’re the expert, people will naturally flock to you when they feel you meet the needs they have in terms of real estate they’re hoping to find. You might even work to develop a niche in search of the best real estate investments.

Property Investment Opportunities

Don’t knock property investment opportunities as a real estate professional. If you’re not sure about how to find your way going in this direction, reach out to a real estate investment company like Relotz.

We’re more than happy to get you started. Just give us a call at 844.473.5689 or drop us a line about finding the right investment opportunity. We are always willing to lend a hand!